Who We Are

Rabaa Story Foundation (RSF) is a non-profit organization, founded by live witnesses who attended Cairo, Egypt’s Rabaa sit-in on August 14th, 2013 and saw their brothers, sisters, friends, and beloved ones being killed in front of them by tyrannical forces.

RSF raises awareness of the Rabaa Massacre that took place in Egypt, on August 14th, 2013 where 1000+, at least, lost their lives defending freedom and liberty in their own country. It is not a political organization so much as an advocacy one.

RSF mobilizes the international community to take the legal and political action necessary against those in charge of the Rabaa Massacre. RSF’s public affairs (PR) team reaches out to influential figures and organizations to support RSF’s cause.
It looks for the support of other international organizations, human rights activists, and public figures to help raise awareness of the massacre.

RSF collects documents and archives all records, media material, press releases, victims’ belongings, and all kinds of information about and from the Rabaa Massacre.

RSF commemorates the Rabaa Massacre through a series of events that are held annually in the name of “Rabaa Story” to keep global citizens aware of the genocide and to keep the massacre in historical records. It communicates the story of Rabaa and the massacre that took place by opening sources of information for the public, and spreading the word through its online platforms.

RSF exists so that the innocent Egyptians killed, wounded, and prosecuted get their rights. It exists so that what happened becomes an icon, never forgotten, and the massacre never seen again anywhere.


Rabaa Story Foundation (RSF), is a non-profit organization advocating in favor of human rights in Egypt founded in 2014 upon the first memorial of the Rabaa Massacre.
A team of eyewitnesses of the massacre initiated a simple project, titled “Rabaa Story”, which introduced several tools commemorating the cause.

After achieving proper traffic on social platforms within the first year, the team decided to take their efforts to a more formal level.As a result, the RSF was established to act as the official body hosting all the activities done to achieve justice in Egypt.


The mission of RSF is to raise mass awareness of the Rabaa Massacre and crimes against humanity committed and continue to be committed daily against innocent Egyptians. We aim at obtaining maximum support from public figures, human rights organizations, and more in order to bring those responsible for the massacre to justice.


RSF strives to ensure that all the rights inherent in the human dignity of people are respected in Egypt so that peace and justice are established. RSF seeks to ensure that the world remembers what happened in Rabaa Square and that the memory of the victims lives on forever. It endeavors to advocate for the Rabaa cause worldwide and help bring back the rights of those killed, injured, and prosecuted as a result of the Rabaa Massacre.

Core Values

We are committed, as a foundation, to our mission of raising worldwide awareness of the Rabaa Massacre and crimes against humanity committed against innocent Egyptians. We are also committed to maintaining a maximum level of accuracy in any information we deliver to the public, individuals, and organizations. RSF is always looking for opportunities to grow and create as much impact as possible in order to bring about change; this is achieved through our core values which are respect for all people, honesty, fairness, integrity, and transparency.

Objectives and Future Plans

The general objective of RSF is to bring back the rights of the innocent Egyptians who lost their lives, got injured, and were prosecuted during the Rabaa Massacre. In order to achieve this goal, RSF aims at pushing governments that advocate for human rights to call for global actions; and to do so, the general public (citizens) should demand this action from their governments. This is where RSF’s campaign plays a large role. RSF seeks to:

• Educate the public about what happened in Rabaa Square through the provision of seminars, workshops, documents, video evidence, pictures, and more
• Obtain worldwide support from established human rights organizations, public figures, activists, and journalists in order to bring those responsible for the Rabaa Massacre to justice.

The RSF plans on opening a museum with artifacts from the Rabaa victims, in the long run to keep their memory alive.

Our Advocates and Tools

RSF’s advocates are ambassadors in all targeted areas. Their key mission is to introduce the Rabaa Story to their communities. RSF’s advocates build lists of influential figures and organizations concerned with human rights in order to gain as much support as possible for our campaign.


RSF is very open to partnering up or collaborating with other organizations, activists, journalists, or individuals in general who are interested in the Rabaa cause in order to achieve our goals and satisfy our mission.

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