Wednesday, August 14th 2013 Hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters at Rabaa square, Cairo; ending their sixth week of their sit-in protest, asking for the retrieval of democracy after the military coup and the ousting of the first elected civilian president, prior to a renown civil revolution in January 25th, 2011.

At the outer limits of Rabaa square, thousands of police troops, backed with armed vehicles, bulldozers and helicopters, charged to turn the square into a barbaric killing scene.

10 hours of ceaseless fire, a martyr every 20 seconds; elders, youngsters, women... and more than 30 infants... they were killed in cold blood.

Amnesty International marked it “Egypt's Darkest Day”, while Human Rights Watch stated that it was the largest mass killings against protesters in modern history, committed in a single day, considered fit to raise to the status of a crime against humanity.

868 documented killings, tens are missing and tens were buried, undocumented. Thousands are injured and thousands are detained.

Four days later, in an official deportation vehicle, 37 of the detained protesters were killed in less than an hour and 200 more were killed later due to torture and poor medical care.

To this very moment, Rabaa massacre didn’t cease, despite the fact that 2 years have passed; there have been no serious efforts to retrieve the rights of the victims; dead, injured or detained, and no investigation was held to bring those responsible of the crime to justice.

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